Cheddar WTW Electrochlorination Design

Chlorine is currently stored in gas in drums on site. A new electro-chlorination plant will be installed later in 2019 to replace the existing system. Bristol Water identified 3 prospective options for the housing of the  plant. These were:

  • the existing gas drum store;

  • a section of an old building known as the 'flying school', currently used as contractor offices;

  • a new on site building.

BIMTek were responsible for: 

  • Scanning the existing site and producing a 3d model;

  • Producing a Revit model and layout drawings of an outline design for each location, including suppliers equipment, pipework, panels, bunds and access structures;

  • Initial design calculations for pipework;

  • Design risk registers;

  • Decision report;

  • Construction & installation cost estimates. 

Soon after beginning design work it became clear that the space available for the two existing locations was going to be an issue, particularly when considering maintenance and access requirements around plant. Through regular meetings with the client and documented assumptions and decisions meant an acceptable design could be developed for each option.

Optioneering / Outline Design

Detailed Design

The 'Flying school' was selected by Bristol Water as the preferred location. BIMTek were tasked with updating the design from the first phase to incorporate customer requests, minor changes in specification and an increased level of detail. Pipework, cable tray, heating and lighting were all added to the model. Detailed drawings were then produced for the design.

A primary design risk was the installation of large plant, in particular, the salt saturator tanks and the sodium hypochlorite tanks. The roof of the building could not be adjusted in anyway due to its age. A roller shutter door is to be installed to replace a large window section. While the plant can fit through the door, the issue was how lo lift over the bund wall and into position without compromising the roof trusses. BIMTek carried out an investigation into multiple strategies and also consulted with experts in the field to identify a preferred option for the customer. 

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